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By location n ... all women are divided into three types: blood oranges, and sipovki Okay (tsentralki). The difference is determined by the female Pisek near the vaginal entrance to the pubis. If the vagina is located close to the pubis - this wee ... wren, if a little further away, between the legs - it Ladushka, and if almost at the anus, it sipovka. When determining the type of p ... by its location, it is important to understand the distance from the pubic area or anus to the vagina is not measured in absolute units, such as centimeters, and is relative. That is, if a woman standing straight is an imaginary vertical axis along the spine, its pudendal cleft would be located either on the axis (pi ... Ladushka) or in front of it (pi ... korolёk) or to the backside (pi .. . sipovka) You can find out who else is someone standing to press the subject schtrasti back to anything (walls, fences, etc.) right hand into her panties . In "wren" entrance to the vulva is very high. About such people say, "They claim ... on the navel." "Wren" touching the easiest way: hand men pressed to the pubis and remains nearly straight, only slightly bent forward ring finger fully into the vagina. "Palm" direct hand is not defined. Palm bent, and in vlagaische enters only the tip of the ring finger. "Sipovku" manages to feel, just bending the palm of the right angle and sliding it deep enough in the crotch area (touch made ​​all the same tip of the ring finger). n ... From the location depends on choosing the right sex positions that will be most comfortable for both partners . For example it is known that sipovok very comfortable to fuck from behind and uncomfortable in front (especially men with a small x ...), but with n ... wren can have sex only in a position to face. Woman, knowing who she is on the classification of n ... immediately propose to the man the correct posture for sex, and the man, knowing this classification, only glancing at the woman and visually determine where she is pi ... will know in advance what pose it is better and more convenient to enter the penis into the vagina. Just knowing classification pёzd location on the genital slit and choosing accordingly correct posture for sex, it will be easier to achieve orgasm and sexual satisfaction. many women and girls do not know that there are several types of n ... depending on the position of the genital slit

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1) "the Royal" - closer to the navel. Almost royal. the name speaks for itself. Very convenient to have sex standing up, just lying with shifted his feet. Oh and you can always feel !!

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2) "sipovki" - near the anus, that is booty. Than uncomfortable sipovka? Well, the usual classical pose №1 during sex, the man felt what an inconvenience, but rear entry comfortable in all respects. Another Russian name punt, it's the same as the sipovka, the size of the vagina, personality, temperament, all this does not matter.

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(3) "Okay" - in the middle. Okay call women who have everything right, everything is in place, and the vulva is also where you need in place. With such a well at any position.

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A woman's genitals differ more dimensions of the vagina (length, width), the position of the clitoris in relation to the entrance of the vagina (high, low), the size of the clitoris (large and small), size and design of the labia majora, especially small "Milk" - the vulva with clitoris located close to the entrance of the vagina (low), and rubbing directly during sexual intercourse with a member of the men. Women with "Milk" easily satisfied, they do not require extra affection. 
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3640123_7753824z1d (466x700, 123Kb)
"Pava" - the vulva with high-mounted clitoris, which requires additional fondling during intercourse since the clitoris is not rubbing against the man's penis. 
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"Drupe" - undeveloped flat outer sexual organ with infantile labia, as a rule, in lean women with narrow hips.Almost all "drupes" are sipovkami, ie have low location genitals. Considered the most unattractive genitals for men.

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"Monkey" - the sexual organ of a woman with abnormally long clitoris to 3 cm, as is the case in monkeys. It seems to me that this is so disgusting ...
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3640123_7753830tjp (700x447, 27Kb)
"Gottengotsky apron" - a woman's genitals with a highly developed labia, closing the entrance to the vagina and hanging beyond the labia majora. This can occur when excessive enthusiasm masturbation.
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"Princess" - the most attractive female sexual organ with well-developed labia and clitoris. With good hormone secretion can deliver and get the maximum satisfaction. Attracted to men with small sizes sex tube. "Princess" is found only in low or average height of women with full hips and well-developed breasts and wide ass.Approximately 1 in 50 Probably all of Princess - Okay!

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