Monday, 8 September 2014


I even admit to embarrassing
But some days
I often think of the ass,
ass about your wonderful!

For information on how you take off your panties
movement witches forest!
You're so seductive with them,
but better, of course, without them!

All this is in reality, or 
Fantasies smooth flight? 
What elegant lines! 
Let ass poet will sing! desire burns in the combustion chamber in a hurry, unrestrained days ... But these visions ass is only getting stronger! By cuddle her so nicely, and gently slap her! And something whisper something to her vaguely,Treasure, stroking yours!

Such a beautiful posture,
What rhymes do not really need!
And beckoning magic rose,
and damp sponge gentle!

And then I just can not
carry on a conversation about it.
ABOUT ass familiar and sweet,
O most beautiful - yours!


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