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Going for the first time to meet her in an intimate setting? Find out no useful things you just can not do.

Correct date always ends the same
Correct date always ends the same
When a woman comes to your house, then think about one. And you, too, think of one. The problem is that you have to think about it very different things.
While you are looking to figure out how many pounds of live weight per square centimeter sustain your favorite mattress, she is a real detective, carefully studying the situation, trying to figure out - what really lies at the bottom of your mysterious soul?
You need just a few things right, lying on the right places, which unobtrusively testified to her with his view that you - the same guy that she had dreamed all his life.

Two glasses of wine from the expensive glass
What a romantic evening can do without a little bottle of good wine? You, for example, to taste Crimean "Madera", to which you are addicted in the institute. She thinks that you're still remained a supporter of carefree student life, although since graduation (alas, not red!) Has been more than five years. What to do? Buy elegant crystal wine glasses for wine. They can cost 50 bucks apiece, but then you do not have to buy until a set of eight wine glasses.
Tip: Try to ask a girl to visit, as long as one of your friends do not all investments smashed to smithereens.
Recommended brand of glasses: Waterford, Tiffany & Co., Baccarat
Two large terry towels
Sooner or later it will go wash your hands. And if after she closes the tap, her hands will meet with two white gentle and pleasant smelling fresh cotton towels, she will get some very important messages for yourself. Firstly, you chistyulya.Secondly, your apartment is also very clean. Third, once your towels are so cool, it really need to be sure the sheets are not worse. Very good and correct thinking, agree?
Tip: Never use these towels myself. Carefully keep them packed in anticipation of her next visit. And only then get them and neatly hung on the towel. And when she leaves, you can re-quietly hang there all six pairs of your favorite old socks.
Brand, which she certainly knows: Tommy Hilfiger Home, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic Home
One bottle of champagne
Maybe the boss gave you this bottle instead of annual premium a couple of years ago, but in fact it is quite unnecessary to know. The paradox is that women are sure any guy who keeps a well-chilled bottle of champagne, suitable not only for shooting cork on the bubble, and for thoughtful savoring (of course, this is not the plebeian "Russian sparkling", and something of such things, with the coal black label flecked mysterious French words) exceptionally good in bed. Elegant champagne bottle also divert her attention from the fact that in your roomy refrigerator lurk only slightly green with a piece of sausage and a pair of doctoral petrified slices of cheese.
Recommended varieties: Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Perrier Jouet-
A colorful vintage poster
Would you like to look like an artistic nature, but without too much pathos. This can be achieved by one simple way. Why do women like to see on the wall in the room for a Man Poster 30s French shipping company that advertises Mediterranean cruises or domestic masterpiece of the 50s with the caption "Corn - queen of the fields"? Science is still unknown. And the most interesting thing is that the reproduction of Van Gogh or Picasso, acquired in museum kiosk, they are not totally inspired and only show your bad taste.
Tip: wander through art exhibitions and shops and look for something challenging, in the spirit of Pop Art 60s or, for example, reproductions of Czech photographer Jan Saudek erotomaniac. Professionally manufactured frame dramatically enhance the effect produced. Bear in mind that the poster looks much better when it's under glass. She liked that you are ready to spend a decent amount of money on luxuries. For example, to it.
Five great books on a bookshelf
Let's face. Read out a copy of "Venus in Furs" Sacher-Masoch, lying on the coffee table, you will not add points to her eyes.She wants you to be elegant and cultured. Make it pleasant - run and with a shopping bag to the nearest bookstore and not for a beer "Baltika number seven" in the next stall. Choose a few books out there on our advice, remember them as follows Fold the page and Rub anything cover, giving the books read by the view.
Tip: If she asks about the content of one of these books (no matter what), take a serious look and thoughtfully prophesy something like: "Not bad. nature of the characters worked very badsome, but by considerably distracted and went away from the main story in the last four chapters ". Be sure it poosterezhetsya ask something else. There is, of course, the risk of running into an educated "bluestocking", but because you like girls of another type, is not it?
Recommended books:
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (novel about an unhappy woman scorned lover and society, and in a fit of deep depression in the ground of the accident)
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Mystery novel: everyone knows about this book, but no one remembers what she was, in fact, written)
The Road by Jack Kerouac (stream of consciousness on the subject of existence in terms of deer)
Heavenly kundalini Sri Aurobindo Ghose (meditation, as well as juggling the chakras and mantras)
Man rebellious Albert Camus (book, full of quotations from Lenin and telling about the hardships of moral choice)
Anything living
Dog, cat, cactus, guinea pig, or ordinary fish - is like. The main thing for women - make sure that you are able to save the home being alive for a long period, at least, no less than four days. Remember, mold on the sink and the herds of fat that are fed cockroaches in the kitchen for this case will not fit.
By this time she had already check your cozy bed for strength and elasticity. Do not forget, women want to be sure that after everything happens, they can safely sleep on the sheets that will not stick to them as postage stamps and that they will be as comfortable as possible.
When she stares at your bed, you have to create in her mind a pleasant picture of a lazy Sunday morning. Quietly mumbling television, you bring a tray of freshly brewed coffee and orange juice and feed her delicate cream cakes. Let him dream a little, poor thing.
Tip: Do you know the number of threads in your sheets? No? In vain! If they have more 250 threads per decimeter, then you will be pampered and glide over them. But if less than 150 - that your skin in the morning pretty blush, ragged rough sheet. It is desirable to buy the sheets with an elastic band around the edge, which can be stretched over the mattress and do not be crushed even after the most passionate and stormy night.


Hate contraception and yet you do not want children? Follow the technique of intimate safety.

Do not you want kids?  Let the girl upstairs
Do not you want kids? Let the girl upstairs
Do you like sex without a condom? Then nothing will prevent you from accidentally "aerial". Well, almost nothing. After using a certain technique can reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Moreover such "barbaric" means as coitus interruptus is not even being discussed - well, what the fun in that? Studies show - taking out a member of the most interesting place you wreck their health. After all, nature has provided all the way! Overall, if you are a foodie and prefer to pump up your partner's sperm, be ready to observe some simple rules of protection. And remember, these rules work best in combination, rather than each separately. True, and together they give the strength of the 50% guarantee. And who now gives more?

Through the day? Every day!
For the best conception, the girls recommend to have sex exactly a day. We recommend to do this either every day or every week. In the first case, the sperm will be every day less and less. Second, they will be "overripe." And if you know about her ovulation period (which is unlikely), it did not finish it in 4-5 days prior to the outcome of the egg and the day after. Other days - to your health! Forget Fife-o-Cloquet

The closer to five o'clock in the evening, the more tenacious and mobile become sperm. Hence the conclusion - if, instead of evening tea she wants male attention, offered her a blowjob. But before going to bed to do and full sex. As, however, and in the morning. No pornography during viewing of erotic films man's body produces more sperm, and increases the probability of fertilization. We need it? The only exception - you've watched porn alone and a bit, so to speak, dead. This approach reduces the risk of just suddenly become a father. Then feel free to include "strawberry" and embody the movie to life.podmazhesh not - will fly Ointments, which facilitate the "input", often contain spermicides - substances that kill sperm.Because they kill them not you, and your partner, nothing to fear. And poses have thorns Since the law of gravity has not been canceled, it is better to take time off from the variations on the theme of "Man on top" or "The man behind." These postures provide the deepest penetration, and hence the "zinger" will be easier to get to the egg. 's "Woman on Top" or "Both partners standing" - is another matter. In the attitude of "Heron" or "Rider" sperm flows out easily - and do not need it in this way. If you are in the heat of passion all the same over on his back, do not let her lie down in the position of "fried chicken" - to raise the female feet up too high is prohibited. Having sex advice is simple - take out as soon as possible and lead her friend in the bathroom. Water is better to dial in advance. A warm bath can lie down after a sexual marathon, at the same time having washed the remains of seminal fluid from her vagina. Besides girlfriend finds it very romantic, not noticing the trick. And a little bit about nutrition If you love foods containing vitamin E, slow down a bit - it helps to conceive. This means that you should not lean on vegetable oils. The second enemy of the childfree - is zinc. Its a lot of seeds, especially pumpkin. In general, watch the diet - at the same time and get thin.


In the myths of ancient Greece, tells the legend of the forest nymphs, lascivious temptress who lured travelers into the thicket and made a real sex feast, after which he returned home, these men were no longer able to have fun with an ordinary woman. Not for nothing, Herodotus exclaimed: "Who tasted the love of the nymph, he can not forget her kindness never!"
It is curious that it is believed that wild sluts taught people the art of sexual positions, and this legend and was the reason that hypersexuality in women began to call nymphomania.
3640123_721625492 (490x700, 249Kb)
Suffice it unfair that polygamous and sexual activity in men no longer cause almost no surprise, however, to explain this behavior in women for some reason still is not possible. Known researcher Alfred Kinsey's sexual relationships, for example, gave the following definition of nymphomaniac - is "the one who wants more sex than you are."
Since ancient times, mankind have been reports of increased sexual desires in men and women. However, the term nymphomania (from the Greek. Nymph - the bride and mania - passion) is just kind of hypersexuality in women and men - it satiriazm (from the Greek. Satyr - lustful demon kozlonogy forests). Interestingly, in the scientific literature, the case nymphomaniac who engage in sexual intercourse with men 10-15 times in a row and continued to feel the need and desire to further copulation. Nymphomaniac always pursues an uncontrollable urge to have sex with all of them, at the same time it is completely illegible in choosing their partners. This is explained by the fact that blood nymphomaniacs pretty quickly restored concentrations of sex hormones - reaching the critical point where the sexual act becomes highly desirable. Themselves trying to get at least some pleasure reduced to absolute zero - as true nymphomania does not entail sexual pleasure.
Statistics show that 2.5 thousand. Women necessarily have to one true nymphomaniac, which should be distinguished from the temperamental women with a free attitude towards sex.
Nymphomania can be divided into two types: the desire to get as many orgasms, or the desire to have as many partners.
Nymphomania may develop on the background of high levels of stress caused by severe punishments in childhood violence. It is interesting that it also can provoke such seemingly far removed from the sex disease as encephalitis, meningitis, tumors and vascular brain lesions, drug intoxication, hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex. Nymphomania often precede obstructed labor, abortion complications, abuse of oral contraceptives, menopause.
Carol Groneman, a history professor, in his book entitled "Nymphomania" holds the relationship between developed occipital part, the cerebellum and excessive sexual activity in women. However, this fact did not find scientific evidence and thus determine nymphomaniac "by eye" is not possible.
It is interesting that the most tireless nymphomaniac not crazy aged ladies and girls 14-16 years old. At this age, a woman's personality has not been fully formed, but boyish and infantilism do not allow it to withstand an increased sex drive.

The most famous nymphomaniac.

The most famous names in the history of nymphomaniacs became common. Famous around the world these women did not beauty, not their great deeds, and unbridled passion.
3640123_Cleopatra (450x596, 175Kb)
Cleopatra . Cleopatra was not only obstinate temper, but violent temperament. To satisfy their sexual desires Cleopatra was a harem of young beauties. Interestingly, according to legend, after a night with the queen young lover expecting imminent death. Perhaps it was just a ploy to love men were attached to "the last time" ...
3640123_qqt1376973695 (600x450, 43Kb)
Valeria Messalina . Valeria was the wife of Claudius Caesar. It is known that she slept with the entire legion of protection and have fun with clients in the public house, pretending to be a prostitute. There is a term "Messalina complex," which is synonymous with nymphomania.
3640123_862856666 (531x700, 268Kb)
Catherine the Great . Known for being changed favorites, such as gloves. Rumor has it that her insatiable related tems, even at an early age Catherine played with artificial phalluses, constantly increasing their size: up to 9 cm in diameter.Perhaps, therefore, it could not satisfy any man.

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