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Do you want her to tell about the fantastic night with you all your girlfriends? Or at least did not tell them about the fantastically terrible night with you ... Then you will certainly need to read the rules of sex. now at least you'll know what they are!
1 Even with a minimum of effort, you can make sure that she left feeling really crazy sex. Advance dragged to bed some flimsy table, and set in order the most hated writing ceramic and glass products. It now remains only at the right moment violently shove a table that all these circles as a cow with a pen and an ashtray "Greetings from sunny Krasnoyarsk" loudly turned into a pile of splinters. As befits impassioned male, you do not pay attention to this catastrophe is not the slightest attention. 2. Lubricant should be applied to the penis, and not to push it into the vagina. And generally it is better to do it as much as possible quickly. 3. If you are in public, and you want to express the fullness of his senses, raised her hand to his lips and tongue prosun briefly in the gap between her palm and thumb. Note: This action is appropriate superintimnoe only in relation to the woman with whom you have had sex. 4.In any case, do not remove her nipples. She is guaranteed to not like it. 5. Before you go directly to sex, good tone recommends first long caress Woman fingers, tongue and the tip of the penis. How long it should take? About a couple of hundred years. Maybe a little bit more. 6. Before oral sex must be properly wash what you're going to propose to his partner. Especially if it has remained a lubricant. 7. Diarrhea her in his arms across the room - women love it. So they feel tender, fragile beings that are under the protection of strong male hands. 8. If a girl is very full, do not try to pick her up, even if you're in the gym without any problems managed with weight twice. Full of girls are not accustomed to such treatment - it is not pricked, she squealed from the dreary horror. 9. Incidentally, the full girls. Do not have to lie, saying that she thin. She herself knows what she is thin, and realize that you are unlikely to need emergency services ophthalmologist. Better emphasized the fact, as you wind up on the abundance of twists and forms, using the word "luxury", "real" and "wow". So let it be buried and you mentally in the category of perverts, but stops shyly hiding under the sheets. 10. Complex, but effective way to tease the woman, with one hand, press it to the wall (but without excessive pressure), another unbutton all unbuttoned and otodvinu everything that hinders. All the while, silently watch the girl in the face, caressing her body with your fingers. 11. Legs! Kiss his feet! Bite them, lick and massage. It is unclear why women's feet crammed in so many sensitive sensors, but sin is such a wealth disappear without cause. 12. If during cunnilingus in your mouth got the hair, make it so that she did not see how you try to discover it and spits. 13. Easy biting and sucking earlobes excites almost all women. Cheerful zapihivanie wet tongue in my ear dampens 90 percent of them. 14. Warned her when it was nearing completion, that it was morally prepared for what happiness can not last forever, broke away from watching the channel "Discovery" and the last time, too, tried to come to any result. 15. Sex starts about 22 minutes after you - exclusively from philanthropic sentiments - have offered to do tired at work the poor thing a head massage, back and shoulders. 16. Women appreciate it when men are able to do them well, using not only the natural data, but also the achievements of science. But never took out of the nightstand vibrator Unboxed: if men, women still somehow able to share, then deprived of virginity vibrator she will look shudder of disgust. 17. It is important to correct the lighting in the bedroom: orange and pink tones preferable to green and blue. First paint the skin in a pleasant cheerful colors, masking imperfections, while the second - great specialists to convert flawless beauties in anemic coated suspicious stains beings. 18. And if you have a very thick curtains, you can sometimes arrange sex in total darkness. In utter, hopeless and absorbing the dark to even vague silhouettes partners to be seen. You can not imagine how it liberates women.19. Tickle her. Pinch in the ass. Provoke that it smacked you in the head with a pillow. Romp in the style of "we were eight years," sometimes the best pre-game. 20. She once had a headache and tired? Test method, which has shared with us in one of the readers of the letter: "And what do you think he did? He printed out one of my photos from the south, undressed, and lay down beside him and began to masturbate pointedly looking at my picture, I first indignant, and then burst out laughing, and then broke down and joined. " However, there is a suspicion that the focus of those who work only once. 21. If any of the poses, drawn in a sexual reference, is completely impossible, do not rush to blame the authors in the hereditary idiocy. People do not like each other: there are different angles erection and different arrangement of the entrance to the vagina, so that each pair is worth experimenting and choose the most appropriate combination just for them. 22. If your penis has a pet name, even if your partner never know and do not know. 23. Bearskin on the floor in the bedroom - irreplaceable thing. Villi fur contact with the sensors in the women's skin, can work wonders. Deer or sheepskin rugs flokati suitable for this purpose is less. Want that kind of fur, and is long enough and thick. (But do not try to persuade the girl to do it on her mink coat.) 24. Perfect dialogue after her nightmarish classic question, "What are you thinking now?" is as follows: - About you. - Yes ?! And what? - The fact that you - a miracle. After this dramatic recognition she feels that it's time to shut up sentimental. Here you can take advantage of a pause and a quick sleep meanly. 25. You had only one woman for each year of your mature lives. The first time you had a sex in seventeen years with a girl who was a little older than you. Love you once had, and quite strongly, but in the end you realize that you are too different people. This is the version of your sex life that most women want and respond directly to their questions: no, he's not a sex maniac, no weirdness, capable of real feeling,is now completely free. 26. Alternating fast paced slow. To their partner did not raise any foreign association with a jackhammer or a dying swan. 27. The more a woman moves in bed, the weaker she felt something. Neurons distracted by all sorts of additional sensations such as stress in the lower back or work muscles. But enterprising lady will reach orgasm, because, being active, she is better control of the situation and does exactly what she needed. 28. Women's fantasies during sex much more PLOT than men. If we are at this moment often dream of a purely mechanical plot intercourse, women sometimes have time to come up with the whole story, including the scenery, the secondary characters, scenery, dialogue, coloring your spacesuit and the names of all twelve children, that you were born with it. 29. On the near approach of orgasm partner you can guess by the following characteristics: many women at this point sharply blush forehead, cheeks and chest. 30. The best posture is to start sex classic missionary, since at this time the partners can kiss, look into each other's eyes, and generally high uplift the banner of intimacy. The best position for the end - "Doggie-style," as it is in her women often culminate. All other options would be appropriate to place in the middle. 31. If after the end of the process it turns out that the condom could not stand the onslaught of passion, and young creature blinks in confusion and clearly understands what to do immediately drag the girl in the bathroom, take off the splitter water shower and brushing the hose just in case lubricant, carry him to centimeters Ten deep into her body. The water thus should be sufficiently hot, but not burning. This occupation can devote five minutes. From possible infection, it will not save, but the sperm will be much less comfortable: they begin to break down at a temperature of 44 degrees. In addition, a strong jet of water to remove any latex that might remain inside and to become in the future cause inflammation. Want to show off absolutely a gentleman? Go and see the night pharmacy and buy pills or suppositories that protect from conception after intercourse - for example, Postinor or Ovidon. But bear in mind that these drugs should not be abused: they are suitable only for exceptional cases. Doctors do not recommend to use them more than once a month. 32. Unlike women, men during sex in bed, it is desirable to be completely naked, except for those cases when you play, for example, an Eskimo and a white bear. T-shirts, pajamas, bathrobes, and especially socks do not add to your sexuality. 33. Establishments her hands up behind his head and clamp them together at the wrists. This imperious movement causes a rush of sexual submission of women, and against it will not protest even the konservatorsha which is troubled at the mere mention of handcuffs. 34. Although usually more women excite light touch than vigorous clenching, do not quite so refined: during the actual sex strong and vigorous squeezing her buttocks, neck, back or waist like her more than a delicate tickling of these areas. 35. The inner surface of her thighs twice as sensitive than the outside, so if the second can and pinch and squeeze, then first you have to be very delicate. 36. What can you do with the nipples: blow on them, lick, very easy to bite, suck (and even vigorously). That is impossible: pull your fingers up, pinching, rubbing against them badly shaven cheek. 37. If night you will repeat the phrase "my little girl" is more than two times, she suspects that you have a secret pedophile or will start to call you in retaliation, "Daddy." 38. If you accidentally called her the name of his ex - it's a disaster. Do not hush up his mistake, do not try to quickly continue: "... Elvira Elvira was nothing compared to you, Katya." Do not be shy to ask for forgiveness and honestly say that you are completely stopped contact with reality (of excitement, of course) and your tongue just issued a standard set of call, while the brain is floating in the shining peaks. In fact, women - being much more susceptible to logical explanation for what we think about them. 39. Women also love it when men moan or even scream at the moment of orgasm. This is not the case when the costs to demonstrate its iron shutter. 40. Never say that you have become such an amazing lover by reading men's magazines. Do you have an innate, okay?

Selected a few pairs (M + M = pair). Pair is inserted into the mouth candy. The music they dance with candy in your mouth, well, those who will separate - they are in flight. Match : Take the match, caused by several pairs of boys and girls, and sit in a circle. The first party, holding a match in the teeth transmits it to the next, who takes her in the same way, and then transfers to another. After lap match is shortened by half (break in two) and everything is repeated. Ensure the health of your friends, especially pin contest. flirt guys sit on the chairs, the legs moving together. On your knees put a piece of toilet paper. Then they sit down on their knees and girls, booty moving in different directions, trying to tear the paper. Who would be more on the paper tears, the winner. gone in circles Playing stand in a circle and pass the music box each other. When the music stops the one who has remained in the hands of the box should be removed from a part of the wardrobe and put in a box legs and ass for a company where everyone knows each other. Selected few of the girls and one guy. Guy blindfolded and unwind, the girls switch places, respectively. The purpose of a Man ​​- Learn zagadannuyu girl on the ass of the stalk or standing hardly rest. Chocolates At sufficiently naked girls glued two pieces of chocolate. Playing male requires blindfolded find chocolate lips. Further partners are swapped, and so on to satisfy ... the audience. At the touch Wearing thick gloves, it is necessary to define the touch, what kind of person in front of you. Guys guess girls, girls - boys. You can palpate the whole person. Tykalki Stud tied to the belt Man, woman pinches a bottle between her legs. Get quite difficult as all observers and the girl herself die of laughter. Dressup Girl holding in her hand curled into a ball strap (toilet paper). A man takes his lips and the tip of the tape without touching hands, wind ribbon lady. The winner is the one who will dress better, or the one who is the fastest. Winders The game involves several pairs. Each pair receives two ping-pong ball (for fun can chicken eggs).Guys - these balls are rolled out one arm to the other girls. Girls rolled balls through his pants men from one sleeve to the other. Clothes play a few pairs. All participants are blindfolded and then some clothes cling linen clothespins (places clothespins selected pooriginalney). The goal - a signal leading to quickly remove as many pegs with their partner. The fastest couple wins. Plates Declare dancing. Dancing issued plate (and inserted between the bodies ...). The music, start dancing. The goal - during the dance do not lose any of the plate, and this dance has to closely huddled together.


I'm sure it will be interesting and useful to absolutely everyone. Kisses no one has died, but on the contrary - they enliven the senses, enliven the soul. However, many do not know that apart from the usual one for a couple of kisses there are dozens of possible ways to kiss a man and please him))) Of course all the bounds of decency. In general, read and then go and kiss ...)) turns out there are at least 50 types of kisses: 1. The usual kiss on the lips, accompanied by mild pressure on them. 2. The usual kiss on the lips, accompanied by a strong pressing. 3. "Love bite". When the kiss is enhanced sensory stimulation, it turns into a love bite. "Kama Sutra" recommends biting the same place on the body, to kiss. Possible exception of the upper lip, tongue and eyes. In other words, the most appropriate place for a bite - it's forehead, lower lip, cheeks, chest, arms and belly button. 4. "Deep Kiss", or "Maraychinazh" which the French call "soul kiss" and we "French kiss." 5 Kiss in the eye with a very weak pressing on them. 6 Kiss on the neck, which is considered a particularly enjoyable for women. 7 . The long kiss. Lips lovers as it can not be separated from each other. accompanied by a strong kiss, then weaker by a press of the lips. 8 Kiss in the corner of his mouth. Kiss in the one or the other corner of his mouth. 9 Pulsating kiss. Lips and nose pressed against her cheek, easily vibrating and rubbing on the cheek. 10 Many small kisses to the inside of the hand rising from the wrist to armpit. Such kissing able to awaken love. 11. kiss on the cheek. most common and natural. However, much more pleasure can be obtained from the lungs, very, very quick kisses on the various points of the face except the lips. Speed ​​is especially important. 12 A wide variety can make a kissing partner on the lips, gently blowing with their own. 13 Previous version can be slightly modified if pout will be the one who kissed. 14. Can cause extremely pleasant feelings, kissing her earlobe of a loved one or close to it. Men especially like when they have kissed. 15. A variation of the previous method can serve as a light sucking earlobes instead of kissing them. 16. Rain kisses, covering the neck and chest, descending lower and lower at different speeds. Some kisses can be shorter, others longer. 17. The inner side of the thigh is particularly responsive to kissing. 18. Many writers of romance sang kissing her shoulder. Men do not love like kisses, but love yourself kissing the shoulders of women. 19. Lovely preliminary stage before the kiss on the lips - kissing the tips of his fingers. 20. A common modification of the kiss on the lips is a slight sucking lips, instead of press on them. 21 and 22 can restrict only one sucking lips. Top or bottom. 23. You can continue to add diversity in the manner already described, sucking in turn is the top, the bottom lip. Do not make it too hard. Tenderness and care has a place and passion. 24. Stroking kiss. Easily by touching his forehead with his lips with one hand, gently hold them across the forehead and kiss the other side. 25. Exactly the same can be stroking kiss kiss on the lips. Referring to the corner of his mouth with his lips, to hold them across your lips and gently kiss another corner. 26. Light kiss on the tip of the nose can be a great prelude to more intensive forms of kisses. 27.A man can enter his tongue between the lips beloved by swiping left to right, then right to left. So you can continue for a long time. And there is no reason why a girl to do the same. 28. You can touch the lips and cheek teeth, not forgetting about being careful not to hurt each other. 29. You can also "snack" lips mouthed partner so that the teeth in the kiss did not participate. 30. A gentle touch tip of the tongue. 31. Previous kiss can be diversified by alternately touching the tip of the tongue and jerking them. 32. Sucked kissing lovers delivers great pleasure. These kisses are used actively and accept calmly and patiently. At times, kisses one partner, sometimes the other, but it is possible, for a change, and kissing at the same time. 33. Many are particularly sensitive to kissing in the area where the neck passes into the shoulders. Both front and rear.34. As for kissing in other parts of the body, the majority of men and women spin extraordinarily sensitive to caresses, especially the lower part of the base and along the spine. Hips are also very sensitive and form a weak erogenous zone. 35.Kiss with mutual gentle stroking erogenous zones. 36. You can kiss the right under the chin with the head tilted up kissing.37. Throat area is very sensitive to kiss, so kiss on the lower part of the neck unusually pleasant. 38. A variation of the usual kiss on the lips is a kiss just above the center of the upper lip, under the tip of the nose. 39. If they are prevented mustache remains a kiss right under the center of the lower lip. 40. Quick "licking" kiss his tongue in the ear. 41 "profiled kiss." A series of kisses along the line of symmetry of the face, since the middle of the forehead, and then sinking along the nose to the center point of the mouth and ending in the middle of the chin. You can finish with a kiss on the lips. 42. Kissing the top of the chest of the girl. Kissing nipples. 43. Head and nape of the neck are the most people erogenous zone, so light stroking this area lips up and down is a very pleasant feeling. 44 "Spinal kiss." It is a series of small kisses along the spine, starting around the neck and ending at the lowest point of the spine. 45 Reverse the previous version is also a rain of kisses, but the front. 46 "stroking Kiss" along the eyebrows. 47. Maybe suck eyebrows instead of kissing them. 48. Quite intimate kissing in the area where the thigh move the body, very excite and arouse desire. Men generally prefer to be active participants, and women - take kisses. 49. Also possible kissing downwardly from the navel to the point where the thigh passes into the body.Lips should be relaxed to easily carry out the skin. 50. Kiss young when kiss your finger tip and then momentarily pressed to his lips favorite. This is also a kiss, but such that clumsy words after him sometimes unnecessary


There are several areas in life where every man considers himself a pro.Sex refers specifically to them. But still some additions and tips will not interfere, because it is the best gift - a gift made by my lips!

There are several typical male errors made in such a sensitive issue as cunnilingus.

Error №1. "Spot" blow "

Mindful of their own sexual feelings, based in the member's area, men often tend to focus solely on the clitoris, but in vain! The whole area "of the navel and the knee-length" (and some women and to toe) is not less interesting, especially if you do not hurry and act with deliberate slowness.

Error №2. "Right off the bat" 

Instead of portraying Schumacher on the track, the partner is better to act with a sense of, really, with the arrangement. First labia apart with your fingertips, preparing a base for the introduction of the language. It was only after gentle and smooth movement of the tongue along them, you can increase the tempo and pressure. To caress do not become monotonous enough to partner imagined that he just kisses you on the lips, a kiss using different techniques - from biting to the French.

 Error №3 «The stronger the affection, the stronger the love"

Very thin lining in the area of ​​female genital mutilation is absolutely not suited for biting, pinching, sharp claps and other aggressive actions. Hint: if a man, by doing this once, continues in the same vein, using the excuse that he did it in "passion", at the right moment piquant reply in kind.

Error №4 «Where is my towel?"

Some men love to "dig" in the face of the female genital organs and rub against them as if it were a towel. Well, if he had just shaved and his face no pimple. And if the bristles and pimples available? Such close contact is best avoided.Do not hesitate to tell him so.

Error №5 «Stop without requirements" 
A sure way to bring a woman - just to a boil, and not to orgasm - stop when most of the way to enjoying already passed. Agree that if the partner starts, and these weasels can not be called preliminary, let bring the matter to its logical conclusion.

How is it done

 "Guess what I write?" - allow the partner to write the language a word. He can write from top to bottom, starting with the stomach and descending lower. Or vice versa, to act solely in the area of the labia majora. Tip: suggest to him that for this game flawlessly fit words with the letter "e". Like it or not, have to specify points in the area of the clitoris.

 "Curious nose" - as perfect body (whether direct or snub it, large or small) man can bring a woman, no less pleasure than with oral sex. Hint: do not look only at the tip of the nose - it can quickly get tired and too few sharp movements change the shape. Basic clicking on the clitoris should produce nasal bridge.

"Everywhere at once" - this method is particularly suitable fondling men with good coordination. Partner must stimulate the nipples, to spend with your fingertips on the inner thighs, and then get to the area between the anus and the vagina and massage it thoroughly. It is easy? It is easy! But first, is this: at the time of your oral sex "grotto of pleasures" and "pearls of pleasure" should not stop for a minute.

 "Song Without Words" For this technique does not need any ear for music, no voice, no knowledge of the words of popular songs. Partner enough to imagine that instead of a microphone in his hand (and if more precise, in the lips) your clitoris. Let him take around his lips and pomychit.

 "Ice and Fire" "What if he accidentally slammed shut HOW mouth! And he will eat me, bite to draw blood, make him go to the surgeon to reduce a jaw "- Does it happen that instead of having to relax and enjoy the process, you just thought about it? So that the jaw is not too tired partner, offer alternate action hands, lips and tongue. Let it warm fingers, before starting work with his hands. And glotnet ice champagne, whiskey, mojitos (any drink which has ice) before proceeding to oral sex.


Technique of deep oral sex

Deep oral sex - it Variation blowjob,  (217x172, 18Kb)when epegipovanny member
Prep introduced into and throughout its goplo dliny without causing pvoty though
get pleasure of both partners.
Let's start with the introductory questions and answers to them. 

Could someone nibyd naychitsya glubokamu blowjob?Yeah. But, however, there are SOME RESTRICTED.
when the owner of
pta small capacity (cavity) is trying to insert a big cock in goplo.
Usually, however, the partner can easily swallow dick Output Linear with Size.
In any slychae, chpezmepno large
member - it pedkost. Can kontpolipovat pvotny pefleks? Another paz answer: yes. How can naychitsya

insert a contact lens in the eye,
mopgaya not, you can naychitsya
not sick, when a member enters your goplo. Is it worth zatpachennyh ysily - ychitsya kontpolipovat

pvotny pefleks?
repeat: YES! When you see how your myzhchina moans ydovolstviya when you
doing things with his cock,
of eccentricity dreamed would most myzhchina! Especially volnyyusche this order
who did not expect this. His eyes
stanyt with Size with sepebpyany pybl when you pe.pvyy paz zasynete his dick
currently full dliny and believe me,
it will then run after you like a puppy for my mother. chyvstvyet What DURING this myzhchina? Most myzhchina speak out, that when they are fully introduced term in goplo,

 then have a very ppiyatnyyu
tesnoty below the head, and oschyschenie skontsentpipovano at the bottom of the member
(Below the head - the chyvstvitelnaya
zone). If you do The correct your myzhchina experience strong
opgazm from sucking and licking the area. ppeimyschestva Do y deep blowjob peped usual? Yeah. If you do not like vkys spepmy but your paptnep wants to come to you

in Prep, DURING ingested head of the penis
glyboko beyond the limits vkysovyh papillae on the tongue. It's not completely ynichtozhaet
vkys spepmy, but he gopazdo
weaker. Sometimes you may vomit when paptnep ends in Prep.
Tpenipovki help you ppeodolet pvotny
pefleks. The outbreak can be a small amount of spepmy pty,
until ppivyknesh to vkysy and tekstype. ppiyatnee What to myzhchina - finish in the Prep or goplo? komy like. VARIATIONS semyaizvepzhenii in Prep you can yvelichit his ydovolstvie,

vpaschaya language vokpyg head
member. When it ends you goplo, you can lick it moshonky,
which also ppiyatno though dpygoe oschyschenie. Let's talk about licking the scrotum: This technique is considered ppodvinytoy not pekomendyetsya ppobovat until you

bydete a chyvstvovat yvepenno
in ingested. And there are still some nibyd ppodvinytye technology? Yeah. This includes ppoizvedeny swallowing the full length of the member y

you in the language and goplo.
It's really "ppodvinyto", but this technique can not be resorted to,
until you are comfortable with licking the scrotum with
simultaneous ingestion of a member of a partner.
DURING the use of swallowing muscles you create a completely
dpygoe oschyschenie different from oschyscheniya from the ingestion.
You can muscle goplo massipovat all
dliny member. Mastepski mastered this technique, you can
quickly to bring it to opgazma. So, where to start? First you nyzhno as much as possible passlabitsya. Ppimite

dolgyyu gopyachyyu vanny. Drink a glass of wine.
Put spokoynyyu myzyky. Or do you pyst paptnep hoposho
massage with oil. Do your best to
fully passlabitsya, chyvstvovat yourself as much as possible komfoptnee.
Peped you begin, tell vashemy
paptnepy that it does not depgalsya (he bydet very vozbyzhden). pe.pvyy In paz you probably open can not

 (216x200, 26Kb)
ppinyat member glyboko in goplo.
In fact, you can completely swallow
his penis without nausea only
chepez papy tpenipovki weeks.
The key to ppiycheniyu
your goplo - it
small, gradual steps (those of you who wear contact lenses
poymyt me). The correct position is very important DURING ingested. For
lychshe just beginning position "sucking on top." So you can
kontpolipovat, n
askolko glyboko penis enters
Prep and your goplo. (Later you can poppobovat pozy "He svephy."
DURING this nyzhno lie on his back to popepek
povati to your head hanging from TERRITORY. This position allows
vashemy paptnepy zasynyt dick in your goplo
so glyboko as emy want. It also ppodvinytaya machinery and
dopyskaetsya, until you become mastepski
do normal ingestion.) You must povepnyt golovy so Prep and goplo were
one line. First fully yvlazhnite
member. Moisturize - this is very important. Wet dick easily slides
along your tongue. When a member yvlazhnen,
golovy turn knob so that out in the pta goplo was p.pyamo pyt.
Vysynte language gyby the bottom, then do
the tip of a flat (as y doktopa "yho-goplo-nose"). Then
ysilte otkpytie goplo as bydto yawn. This will help
ybpat pvotny pefleks. Inject member along the tongue as much as possible glyboko how
possible without nausea, podepzhite it there
10 sekynd, then pull it out. Repeat steps Tepe.p ety ppotsedypy,
until it becomes komfoptnoy. To start with I
pekomendyyu minimym 10 paz.
Rest for a few minute digits, then Repeat steps. In pe.pvyy paz
do it no more than 10 minute digits podpyad
(Not zabydte paptnepy recall that it does not depgalsya).
Sydite themselves when bydet enough. Accustomed to pe.pvyy step, bring a member to the point
koto.poy almost chyvstvyete urge to pvoty.
Podepzhite there sekynd member 10. If pochyvstvyete urge,
passhipte goplo again as bydto yawn.
After a while your muscles goplo stanyt easily
is expanded. Uppazhnyayas, you can tuck
cock glybzhe and glybzhe. Do this slowly to make you ydobno. Tpenipyytes in average 4 fold for a week (or more if you normal operating).
Gradually yvelichivayte Quaternary
tpenipovki 10 minute digits to polychasa. It may take you a week or y
ten days, and even more. Pposto
remember that ppodolzhat should be at a pace that you feel komfoptno
and you could ppaktikovat is more
every pazom. In the end, you will not notice how zaglotnete
a member of your boyfpenda completely!
Let me tell you that pe.pvyy paz when you can zasynyt
All dliny and depzhat much as you want
(Not zabydte ppepyvatsya to breathe), for bydet
an unforgettable moment!

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