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Myth 1
Having beautiful breasts, not necessarily wearing underwear A few facts of anatomy: breast consists of 15-25 lobes, separated by connective septum and adipose tissue. It is fixed to the pectoral muscles thin ligaments that are stretched under the weight with age. Effective way to prevent this is to properly fitted bra that supports the breast, especially during exercise and during pregnancy. Keywords - properly selected. Study of a group of scientists from Sydney (Australia) proved that tight underwear on metal underwire tightens the chest, leading to microtraumas and pinches the lymph nodes, which increases the risk of cancer. Myth 2 Chest can "pump" in the gym is not quite true. Exercise only strengthen the chest muscles, but razmermolochnoy cancer is not increased. Although due to the volume of the chest bust visually appear larger.Myth 3 chance of developing breast cancer is 100% if this is a genetic predisposition "Not only hereditary factor affects the ability of breast cancer - says oncologist Marissa Weiss, the organizer of the web site by on breast cancer. - Among other reasons: smoking, alcohol, early menstrual period to 12 years and its duration after 50, as well as the absence of the first pregnancy of up to 30 years. " Even if in your family, there is a predisposition to oncological diseases - this does not mean that it necessarily will affect and you. In cases of breast cancer was discovered mutation of genes, known as BRCA1 and BRCA2. In the normal state they have protivokantserogennym action, but mu-tation anticancer protection and reduces the risk of developing the disease increases. Myth 4 Breast cancer is transmitted only from the mother, but not from his fatherWrong. It is known that breast cancer is transmitted and on the paternal side. Number of cases of breast cancer in men is 1% of the total number of patients. "The development of this disease in the stronger sex is associated with a mutation in the gene BRCA2», - says oncologist Marissa Weiss. So if in your family history of breast cancer in the male line, be sure to tell your doctor about it. Myth 5 Breast cancer is transmitted only by inheritance is not entirely true. Every woman can breast cancer, however, as every man. Only 10% of cases the disease was discovered genetic link, and about 85% have faced breast cancer had similar cases among relatives. Therefore, without exception, should be diagnosed by mammography and regularly inspect their breasts. Myth 6 Using antiperspirants increases the risk of cancer is an absolute lie. Unfortunately, misinformation contributes to the World Wide Web. Today, the majority of working women read the news on-line, where you can find information and that shaving underarms promotes penetration into the body of carcinogens antiperspirants through the damage of the blade, and as a result of developing a tumor. None of these statements is not true. Products such as antiperspirants, very carefully checked before you get on the market. If there is an infection in the underarm area, it may cause mild irritation, but not cancer. There is no evidence that the chemicals used in antiperspirants, cause disease, and the results of studies published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI), finally confirmed it. Myth 7 breast cancer worry only on the threshold of menopause Indeed, over the years, the probability of manifestations of the disease increases, but breast cancer may overtake at any age. As a rule, experts recommend to conduct annual surveys on mammography starting at age 40. Doktormozhet send you the diagnosis before, given the environmental conditions of life, and especially if your family history of breast cancer at an early age. In addition to mammograms, to better identify the disease do ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Myth 8 mammogram can prevent the development of breast cancer is a pity, but it is not. Mammography - a method of X-ray examination of the mammary glands, which is used for diagnosis of diseases, and for preventive examinations. Early detection of the disease can increase the length of life, but does not protect against disease.Therefore, all women older than 35 years should make regular inspection. Harmful radiation from the device on the body - is minimal. Myth 9 Breastfeeding impairs its appearance Indeed, a woman's breast, which gave birth and nursed the child changes. But the nature of the physiological processes is that still after 30 years, the skin on the breast becomes less supple and elastic. And as a result - a small (sometimes significant) sagging of the breast, or as this phenomenon is called cynical doctors - ptosis. So breastfeeding baby does not significantly affect the natural age-related changes. Myth 10 In a small chest less milk is not true. Mammolog argue that it is not. The amount of milk depending on the size of the breast. A small breast, it can be trusted, and vice versa, but no dependence on the resolution here. Most often, the proportions of the figures are inherited, so if you mom breast-fed up to three years, and you will not have a problem with it. Myth 11 Small breasts are less susceptible to cancer of the Absurd. The probability of occurrence of the disease is not directly related to the size of the breast, because malignant tumors arise directly from the ducts or lobules of the breast. However, practice shows that overweight women get sick more often. But it is rather connected with metabolic disorders, and not to the size of the breast. Myth 12 Men like "large amounts" of course, but not all. The British in 2002 conducted a survey to find out what size breasts men find most attractive. The study involved several thousand people. 53% of men said they prefer women with a mean size of the bust, 14% - to the delight of the owners ample bosom, and 5% to attract ladies boyish physique. The remaining 28%, as it turned out, do not attach importance to size. Psychologists say that addiction to large breasts - a hidden set of momma's little boys. Myth 13 Chest increases after sex Unfortunately, not for long. During lovemaking improves blood flow and mammary glands swell slightly. But after a night of passion, things are in place, so that sex does not affect the size of the bust. However, the same applies to the male genitals. Myth 14 special cream is easy to increase breastPractically none. Widely advertised creams and supplements for breast enlargement is actually only affect the firmness and elasticity of the skin, preventing it from sagging and premature aging. It is composed of a plant compounds that mimic the action of female sex hormones - phytoestrogens, or just hormones. Therefore, on the one hand, unsafe, and on the other - are ineffective, as have an effect on the natural hormonal balance of the body. At the same time, now there are different methods of correction for real change and an increase in forms. Let us consider the most accessible and useful even as -vacuum unit (pump to the chest) , the technology of which is an active circulation. As a result of the mammary gland increases and becomes tighter as the muscles are trained. In some cases it is possible to increase resolution by two, approximately 30 to 40%. However, this process is not fast, and depends on many factors - anatomical, physiological features. It is also important that these procedures remove the women and girls are certain complexes, give a sense of femininity, make it more "sexy". Myth 15 hormonal drugs provokes the development of breast cancer a clear relationship between the increase in cancer risk tudi and receiving hormonal therapy specialists could not be detected . They are known to stimulate cell division and proliferation of cells. Naturally, they cause division of cancerous cells, and, if they are present in the body at the time of reception of hormones. But such artificial cells will multiply are less pathogenic and dangerous, and doctors have the ability to quickly detect and remove at a stage when the cancer is still treatable. This proves once again that nozamestitelnaya hormone therapy should only be done under the supervision of a specialist. This rule is true for all women who take hormonal drugs, regardless of the duration of treatment, whether it be 5 years or only 1 month. Myth 16prosthetic breasts to the touch can not be distinguished from this is possible! Differences can be seen even in appearance.The more the body of female hormones - estrogen, the larger chest and feminine forms, and the growth is less. If, however, slenderize Coy boyish figure of the girl there is an impressive bust size, it is likely, not without the help of a surgeon. At the touch of a PROSTHETIC breasts usually considerably harder than natural. Implants filled with saline, it was not related, but they have another disadvantage: they can "pobulkivat" while running. Myth 17 Breast prosthesis after losing sensitivity is nonsense. Tactile sensations are lost by only a few weeks after the surgery, because the surgical intervention injured breast.But after 15-20 days sensitivity is restored. Myth 18 Chest of cabbage growing by leaps and bounds Stupidity. If cabbage is really increased the breast, then why all the other tricks. Unfortunately, no one diet or the product is not able to influence only the size of a female bust. But improper diet or excessive love of donuts and muffins will do the trick: you rack the weight and, consequently, with a body weight increase the mass and volume of the breast. Myth 19 The use of high-calorie foods and dairy products increases the risk of breast cancer Most studies conducted in United States, argue that there is no direct connection between the consumption of energy-dense foods and the occurrence of breast cancer. Although a number of observations have confirmed that in countries where traditionally consume foods with lower fat percentage with breast cancer below. But first and foremost due to the fact that there are more women move, eat less and smoke or just in these countries completely different genetic type, different environmental conditions. Scientists from Harvard University managed to find out exactly what the women who consumed a lot during menopause the number of low-interest dairy products, breast cancer occurs less frequently. Myth 20 Breast cancer - the number one killer of women is not so. Women 8 times more likely to die from cardiovascular system. A number of deaths from breast cancer is the sixth line, following immediately after the number of deaths from pneumonia and influenza. Furthermore, among women younger than 45 years of AIDS deaths and accidents much more than from breast cancer. However, the fear of the possibility of losing one breast and become less sexual disease made ​​it the most dangerous for young women. 
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