Saturday, 21 May 2011

Digital Dictation World

We all know that lawyers can talk. Many lawyers don't type that well. dictation has always been a key tool for lawyers. digital dictation explodes this capability to levels which many lawyers have never even contemplated.

Imagine being able to instruct your staff with digital dictation. No longer are you stuck waiting for an opportunity to provide information in a face to face meeting at the law firm. No longer are you trying to remember what it is you were going to say to a staff member or client after a long weekend or vacation. No longer do you have to break away from other priorities during your day in order to provide administrative information to your staff.

Since 1971, thousands of businesses large and small have come to rely on Digital Dictation Store, for efficient economical and reliable dictation and transcription products.

Digital Dictation Store has excelled in delivering our primary product... Customer Satisfaction.

No other company has a greater selection of the newest advances in technology and hard to find products. Our service and sales staff will quickly and effectively respond to our customer needs.

At Digital Dictation Store, total service is at the heart our success. It begins with our consultative sales philosophy and recognition. We recognize the importance of the customer needs. Therefore, we provide superb service to our customer and sell them products at the lowest possible cost.

From the first initial consultation with our customer, we try to determine their needs and long-term requirements.

Our ultimate goal is maintain a long lasting relationship with our customers.

Why us ?

Most dictation and transcription store will sell you the same equipment we sell, but we think your purchase is only a part of what you should be getting.

We think, you need the right equipment, that does exactly what you want it to do, at the right price and with 37 years of dictation and transcription experience, Digital Dictation Store is the right place.

We understand most people cannot keep up with the constant changes in electronics - you have a life, a job. So, dictation and transcription is our job. We help you select, install and get to know our products.

From analog and digital voice recorders to computer software, Digital Dictation Store has it all.

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