Thursday, 5 May 2011

Are you in the right business?

Are you in the right business? - Part 1

If you have just started out with your home business
or even if you are a home business veteran, there is
ONLY one very important reason that will determine your
failure or success...

If you are in the right business you CANNOT fail.

Which is the right business for you?

This depends on several things, but the first and MOST
important thing you have to ask yourself about your
home business is:

Would you recommend the product or service your business
offers to a friend or relative?

What would you say if they ask you about it?

Would you tell them that it is a valuable product they
can use, in case, of course, they need products of this


you would just tell them that it's totally worthless,
but the payplan is great...and you are in this business
just to make money?

Think about it, and if the answer to the last question
is YES, then you are definately in the WRONG business.

In other words, if the product your home business offers
is not something you would recommend to a relative, a
friend and/or any other person you care about, then it
is NOT the right product to sell or promote.

Instead, if the answer is NO, is that enough?

No, there are more things you have to know to be
sure that you are in the RIGHT business.

Are you in the right business? - Part 2

In the first part, I talked about the 1st step you have
to take in order to determine if you are in the right

The second and also very important step is to know your
product fully.

Have you bought and actually used the product you are

It doesn't matter if it's top notch, recommended by 10s
of gurus, or it's been advertised all over the net...

What matters is, what do you think about it.

Forget about the compensation plan, the commission
pay out...and any possible residual income opportunity...
and ask yourself the following question:

If there was no income promise, would you buy this
product for that price?

If the answer is NO, then you are definitely in the
wrong business.


Simply, because that's what others will also think when
you try to sell it to them and they won't buy, except
of some people like you, that will buy it just to make
money, and after not making any, they will disappear...
and with them your 'residual' commissions will disappear,

If you are just a free affiliate for that product, then
do you need to buy it?

Yes, only if you want to make money - if you are an
affiliate just for fun and don't care about profits,
that's ok!

But, if you do want to make money, or if you have already
sold 1-2 copies of that product, the first thing you
should do is buy it to see for yourself what this product
actually does, do they deliver what promised? do they
provide top notch customer support?

Even, if you have sold 10s of copies of that product for
some time, you need to be sure that it is of the highest
possible quality, in order to not waste your money and
time with it…because even if people buy it, if the product
does not deliver what promised many people will get a
refund and you will eventually end up losing money and time...

So, that's it...

Before you decide to maximize your marketing and advertising

Before you decide to focus your time and money on that
product or opportunity...

Make sure to spend that little amount needed to buy it and
also take the time to use it to see for yourself if
this is for you.

You can't imagine how easier it is to persuade others to
buy something you have used and know that it works!

I hear your question...

'What if the product is a very expensive one, but has a
very attractive compensation plan? like for example, those
opportunities where you are asked to buy some online tools
for $500 or more and then refer others to earn 80-90% of
that huge price?'

Please, answer this simple question:

Would you pay that amount, for example the $500, for these
tools, if there was no compensation plan? just for the
product - nothing else? would you do that?

If the answer is no, then, you really don't have to lose
any more time and money with it...

Is there anything more you need to know to be sure
you are in the right business?

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